Monday, August 10, 2009

Conceptualization & Process

As mentioned in my previous posting, I have been working on a series of paintings that I like to call the Tweed Series. I wanted to share a bit about what goes on during the actual process of creating my paintings.

Of course, the very first stage of any painting is the conceptualization. I usually have a couple dozen ideas brewing in my head at any given time. And I always jot them down in my handy dandy sketchbook. Not only do I use it for my drawings but also for notes and inspirations as well as color and pattern swatches.

Pictured to the left is the initial sketch for my original Tweed painting. I started with the basic shape that I knew I wanted to work with and was able to lay out the design of the piece as a whole. Nothing fancy or special just your basic rough draft.

From there I was able to map out a color scheme and play with mixing my paints to get the right hues. And also transfer the image to my canvas panel.

Next comes the process of layering the acrylic to get just the right amount of opacity. I wanted some rich colors so I painted three or four layers.

The final steps to my process include touch ups and varnishing. Normally, for any other piece I would be thinking about presentation and framing. However, these will be left unframed so that the buyer may choose a frame that best suits their taste.

I hope you
enjoyed the summary of my process with this series. This is just a basic run through to give you a taste of some of the steps involved.

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